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© Benoit Robitaille

“Festiglace has made history, and many are those who dreamt of its return and hoped it could regain its past glory and become, once again, the reference for ice climbing events”


Up until its tenth and final edition in 2007, Festiglace was the largest climbing gathering on the planet and a must-attend event for winter outdoor enthusiasts. It attracted the best climbers and alpinists in the world.

From 1998 to 2007, nearly 40,000 spectators were able to admire the beauty of Île aux Raisins, a site where ice cascades mingle with the infamous crumbly rock and drop into the Jacques-Cartier River. An enchanting setting and an indescribable atmosphere give way to a unique opportunity to take advantage of the immense recreational potential of the region all while rubbing shoulders with the climbing elite.

Credit : Doug Millen /

Festiglace – an international competition, an amateur competition, a village of exhibitors and vendors, renowned speakers, courses & clinics, evening festivities, and a ton of inspiring activities for the public including a rappel station, zip line, snowshoe trails, climbing tryouts and much more!

After more than ten years’ absence, Festiglace has risen from its ashes and a new edition was born in February 2020. This edition was a success and we are now working on the second edition which will take place in February 2021.