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Our Team

Organizing committee

Passionate and involved as volunteers, the members of the organizing committee have diverse and complementary backgrounds that bring an interesting depth to the team:

Ludwig Dumetz

Research professional, photographer and videographer who aspires to make his mark in the cinematographic world of adventure sports

Dany Julien

Carpenter and adventure guide with a passion for alpinism who has been climbing for over 20 years and who has volunteered in previous editions of Festiglace

Véronique Parke-Bédard

Client Implementation Advisor with a strong professional interest in the management of major sporting events who has been climbing ice for 4 years

Damien Côté

Renown blaster and driller who has been climbing for over 20 years and who has already competed in

Frédéric Lebel

Electricity and Cogeneration Manager at Enerflex and avant-garde farmer who decided to settle in Pont-Rouge for the love of the Île aux Raisins site

Laurence Duhaime-Gosselin

Business Analyst newly introduced to ice climbing who has helped manage numerous events during her collegiate studies

The committee is proud to count on the involvement of several volunteers and to benefit from the generous advice of the former Festiglace organization.