Alpine Systems and Transitions
with Ian Weltsed

Sunday, February 19th - 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM - Full

the clinic is available only in English

This training by Ian Welsted offers a unique opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to handle the challenges and transitions commonly encountered in mountaineering. Ian shares his expertise gained from many years of expeditions in mountain ranges around the world.

During this course, participants will learn techniques for installing mountain anchors as well as methods for safely navigating difficult transitions between different sections of an ascent. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice these techniques in controlled conditions to build confidence and safety on the mountain.

This course is designed for climbers of all levels, both beginners and experienced. With Ian’s training, participants can expect to increase their confidence and safety on the mountain, as well as their ability to handle critical situations.

Participants will need to bring: ice axes, harness, helmet, boots and crampons.

Hurry! Only 6 spots available!

$70 per person

*Taxes not included. Includes day pass to the site.


Ian Welsted

Ian Welsted is a famous Canadian climber known for his first ascent of K6 West in Pakistan, which earned him the Piolets D’Or award. He has a wide range of climbing experience, particularly in ice climbing. He has undertaken expeditions in various mountain ranges including the Coast Range, Patagonia, Denali and the Pakistani Karakoram. Ian is also an ACMG certified mountain guide.