Program // Clinics

Introduction and advanced indoor drytooling clinic with Team FORECAST

David Bouffard / Zac St-Jules / Marty Thériault

Friday, February 23, 2024

11:00am - 3:30pm
8 places available
Clinic appointment time: 10:30 a.m.
Location: 40 Rue Vallières, Pont-Rouge, QC G3H 2T9, Canada


Take your drytooling to the next level with this indoor clinic.

Topics for discussion and practice include:

Movement – We’ll cover all types of drytooling movements – Figure 4, Figure 9, Figure 6, DTS, Steins, etc.

Drytooling holds – We’ll cover the full range of modern drytooling holds, the materials used and how to hold holds.

Rest – We’ll look at how to manage muscle fatigue, rest time and recovery for effective active practice.

Modern equipment – We’ll look at different types of ice axe, the differences between them, and the advantages and disadvantages of different models.


The participant must have experience in ice and rock climbing.

Required equipment

Rock-climbing shoes, helmet, ice axe and gloves

Food and water for the duration of the clinic.

$95 per person

*Taxes en sus.

David Bouffard

We’re privileged to welcome David Bouffard to Festiglace this year. Originally from Plessisville, he crossed borders to follow his passion. Meeting his wife on the World Cup circuit led him to settle in Romania. In 2014, David discovered climbing and immediately plunged into this captivating world. He quickly joined the competitive climbing club in Quebec City, where he saw his first competitions, preparing him to enter the ice climbing World Cup circuit.

His speciality in competition is speed and technical routes, which have propelled him to the highest level. Although he describes himself as a jack-of-all-trades in climbing, it’s ice climbing and dry tooling that captivate most of his time and energy. David has already participated in Festiglace 2020, and is now an active member of the FORECAST EQUIPEMENT team. His presence enriches our event, bringing his exceptional experience and talent to the climbing community.

Marty Thériault

Marty Thériault, co-founder of Forecast Equipment, a fast-growing Quebec company, stands out for his exceptional technical expertise in the manufacture of climbing axes. His role in opening up new routes and exploring drytooling sites in Quebec, as well as in New Brunswick at the time, greatly contributed to the development of the community and the democratization of this discipline in the province.

As a key figure within Forecast Equipment, Marty Thériault continues to exert a positive influence on the Quebec climbing scene, leaving his mark through dedication and innovation. His involvement in the evolution of climbing, both on a technical and community level, confirms his status as a leader and essential contributor to the growth of this passion within the province.

Zac St-Jules

Zac is a New England climber originally from Canada. He’s been climbing for about ten years, focusing mainly on winter climbing, especially harder ice and mixed routes. He is a family man, raising three boys (Jack, Beau and Ira) with his wife Sarah. Co-founder of Forecast Equipment. Zac has already participated in Festiglace 2020!