Introduction to Lead ice climbing with Jérôme St-Michel

Vendredi le 17 février de 9h00 à 15h00

This training is for aspiring lead climbers who want to gain independence in ice climbing. The training lasts 5 hours and during this time, participants will learn how to place an ice screw, make various anchors, create abalakovs, and correctly use their equipment while climbing.

It is important to note that participants must be able to lead climb on rock and comfortably climb grade 4 ice waterfall pitches before participating in this training.

Participants will need to bring: ice axes, harness, helmet, boots and crampons.

Hurry! Only 6 spots available!

$75 per person

*Taxes not included. Includes day pass to the site.

Jérôme St-Michel

Jérôme St-Michel is a passionate and experienced climber, practicing different forms of climbing, such as crack climbing, sport climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing and bouldering. He participated in the 2020 edition of Festiglace, showing his skills in ice climbing and mixed climbing. He is preparing for his next projects by training in the gym and practicing roped solos on lesser known crags.