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La peau du dragon


and Karlaoké

Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 7:30pm

Microbrasserie Alpenstock

After the film un Hiver Normal 4 released in 2021, documenting the ascent of the ‘Ile de Fièvre’ route, the duo (Carl Darveau and Jean-Francois Girard) are back with a new film: la peau du dragon. In March 2022, a year after the success of their long-standing project, the mythical Moby Dick on the Pic de l’aurore, they made the first ascent of a new route on the Pic: La Peau du Dragon 185m in M8+ WI5. Follow our companions on their quest to defeat the dragon.

$10 per person

*Taxes not included.

Carl Darveau &
Jean-François Girard

The Quebecois climbing duo has significantly contributed to the ice and mixed climbing scene, not only by opening several routes but also by achieving numerous remarkable ascents over the years. In parallel, Carl Darveau actively engages in teaching climbing and promoting the sport in Quebec. Meanwhile, Jean-François Girard is also involved in the climbing community, contributing to the recognition of Quebec climbing. As every year, they embark on a kind of pilgrimage to Percé.


Always ready to go the extra mile to realize a vision, Nelson loves to follow climbers up close to share the passion and vision that drives them. This is what led him to follow Carl and Jeff three times (2020-21-22) to Percé on the Pic de L’Aurore to document this exceptional place.