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Will Gadd: Get Stoked and Staying Alive

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Presentation time: 9pm
Evening start time: 6pm

Salle Marcel Bédard, Pont-Rouge

Part One:
Yan Mongrain with his presentation (Escalade au Pays des Loups)

Will takes us on an incredible journey, traversing four decades of ice, rock, air and water adventures.

From ice climbing in South Africa to climbing alongside legends Jeff Lowe and Ueli Steck, Will Gadd explores the experiences and risk management strategies gained over a lifetime of adventures.

Today’s presentation will be in English, but Will, always up for a new challenge, will also add a touch of French. He’ll even take the time to translate some terms, ensuring that everyone can fully appreciate the captivating tales and wisdom he shares. Get ready for a thrilling journey through a lifetime of remarkable adventures and invaluable lessons Will Gadd has accumulated over the years.

Good to know: The evenings are a mixed format with two talks, one in French and one in English.

There are cool prizes to be won, and our partner AlpenStock’s incredible microbrew beer on tap. Then it’s on to the after-party, with great music and lots of fun.

$25 per person

*Taxes not included.

Will Gadd

Will Gadd, born March 8, 1967, is a Canadian ice climber, skier, kayaker and paraglider pilot. He held the distance record with a paraglider, covering 423 km in Zapata, Texas. He was awarded a Piton d’or 2015 for lifetime achievement.