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Photo: Tim Banfield

Vertical ice with Nathalie Fortin

Saturday, February 18th - 12:00PM to 4:00PM - FULL

This ice climbing clinic will be run by Nathalie Fortin, an experienced climber with over 20 years of experience in ice climbing and years of expeditions to her credit, including Everest and K2. She has also developed a vertical ice technique she calls “The Flamingo” and provides training to help climbers improve their vertical ice efforts. Join Nathalie for tips on progression, positioning and energy management on ice walls. Smiles and improvements guaranteed!

Participants will need to bring: ice axes, harness, helmet, boots and crampons.

$70 per person

*Taxes not included. Includes day pass to the site.


Photo: Ludwig Dumetz

Nathalie Fortin

Nathalie Fortin is an experienced climber and a talented teacher. With over 20 years of experience in ice climbing, she is known for her expertise and dedication to sharing her knowledge with others.