Introduction to ice climbing
with Caro Ouellet

Sunday, February 19th - 8:00AM to 1:00PM - FULL

If you are already proficient in rock climbing and are autonomous in top-roping, it is time to discover ice climbing. This course is perfect for you, as it will allow you to discover the necessary movements with ice axes and crampons, and then to become autonomous in ice climbing by understanding the differences between this environment and rock climbing.

Includes: ice axes, crampons and boots.

You must bring your own harness and helmet.

Hurry! Only 6 places available!

$75 per person

*Taxes not included. Includes day pass to the site.


Caro Ouellet

After 13 years of military service where I learned climbing, rescue, survival and medical skills, I left my career in search for peace and freedom, which I found in both climbing and giving back. I love to capture the perfect present moments through photography and videos to remember and share the happiness that nature and climbing bring us.