Volunteer Registration

For photographers it's here !

    Background information

    Specific information

    What is your availability during the event?

    Are you available in the months or weeks before the event?

    We will contact you to know your availability if you checked "Yes".

    Do you climb and if so, rock or ice?

    Which language(s) do you speak?

    Do you have a driver's license?

    Do you have a criminal record?

    Here is a list of the different categories for which we will need help from volunteers.
    Please indicate the items you are interested in using the scale of 1 to 5

    (1 being something you are really interested in and 5 being something you are not interested in at all.)

    Transportation (shuttles, snowmobiles)

    Volunteer management (team leader)

    Technical team (rope access technician)

    Field maneuvers (e.g. setting up tents)


    Indoor events (e.g. room preparation)

    Reception (e.g. charging visitors)

    Parking management


    Management of the competition (e.g. welcoming the competitors)

    Assistance to sponsors

    Social network management

    Medical team

    Bar service

    Team of judges

    Other :